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Developmental Stages 0 to 3 Months

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Infants and toddlers think with all their senses: Seeing and Looking; Hearing and Listening; Touching and Handling; and Smelling and Tasting.

They look at objects very early in infancy and "study" them for size, texture and color. Infants and toddlers enjoy thinking about objects and what makes objects; they think about: Colors! Shapes! Sizes? Large or Small? Fat or Thin? Rough or Smooth? Sticky or Smooth?

Even babies think about space, even if they don't understand what it means until they are toddlers. They use their bodies in space, so use these words with babies as you hold, carry, change, and care for them: Before Under; After Over; Now Here; Tomorrow There; Later On;  Next to and on Top Of.

Developmental Stages: I am 0-3 months old and this is how I move and use my body:

1. “I can flex my grasp”
2. “I can move my fingers all together in a fist”
3. “I can move both hands and up but my hands are shaky”
4. “I use reflexive jerky movements, and startle easily”
5. “I suck and look around all at once; I wiggle and kick”

I am 0-3 months old and this is how I think and feel:

1. “I feel and know when I am comfortable”
2. “I am aware of a familiar face”
3. “I see and look at objects near my face”
4. “I repeat comfortable acts, like rocking, cuddling, swaddling, looking around”
5. “I use my eyes, hands and mouth to be aware of how I feel”
6. “I like to be dry and warm and wrapped up in a receiving blanket”
7. “I think about doing more than one thing at a time, so I stare and blink and lift my head all at once“
8. “I suck, look, cry and turn my head”

Age appropriate toys for infants 0-3 months old:

Activity Mat; Teethers; Cloth Books; Baby Swing (set on slow); Rattles; Activity Box with Mirror; toys that squeak, crinkle and/or rattle; toys that are red or shiny; make a yarn ball of red acrylic yarn – newborns love them.

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