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The Cleveland Sight Center-Empowerment Park.

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Dr. Turben has been involved with Cleveland Sight Center since the 1970’s.  Dr. Turben

served on the agency’s Board of Trustees and chaired the Children Services Committee

for many years initiating many projects benefiting children with disabilities; however, her

legacy involves her assistance in establishing the agency’s Children Services department

in 1985. 


In 1989, Dr. Turben was instrumental in securing funding that enabled Cleveland Sight

Center to initiate the first large-scale, family-centered Children's Services program in

Cleveland, Ohio.



Dr. Turben continues to be involved with the agency through her philanthropic work and

continues to lend her expertise in early childhood development.  We are most grateful to

the Turben family for their leadership and for establishing a tremendous legacy that has

benefited children served by Cleveland Sight Center in the past and for years to come. 



             Fieldstone Farm working in conjunction with The Cleveland Sight Center.


                                     The Empowerment Park

The newly renovated play area at Cleveland Sight Center (“CSC”) has been renamed the

“Empowerment Park”. It is redesigned to give clients of all ages visiting CSC a place to

enjoy being outside in a park like environment.  


Young children - both sighted and blind or experiencing low vision – have the opportunity

to run, climb, slide and swing. There is a track for tricycle and toy vehicles use.  Included

are a musical mushroom and “cave” which provides additional sensory experiences for

the children along the path.


A special “pathway” along the perimeter of the area provides a practice walkway for all

clients to use a white cane and navigate different surfaces safely.  Several special areas,

such as the mini amphitheater and several exercise stations were added for clients of all

ages.  As important as the development of motor skills, mobility skills, strength and stamina

is the development of social skills, communication and confidence.  The Empowerment

Park is the ideal setting for children, teen and adult clients to have fun, interact with each

other, and build friendships.  Although the park will look like any beautiful community play

area, it was designed with the needs of our very special clients in mind.


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