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Words That Facilitate Don't Aggravate

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Positive Communication                           Almost-Positive Communication

Oh yes (nods; thumbs up)                           I think that is a terrible idea

Uh, huh, I understand                                  I can’t believe this is happening.

I can imagine how you feel                          I never said that

From what I’ve heard…                               What’s the problem here?

In your situation…                                        Why can’t you do what I want?

Did I mention that I saw?                                                     

Did I mention that I heard…                        

What do you think?                                       

Is there anything I’m forgetting?                 

I notice how you…                                        

I caught on just now, what you mean is…

Let me sum up…

What do you want me to?

What do you think happened?

Can you tell me?

Ask Dr. Susan