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With permission from Vicki Lansky, author of “Practical Parenting Tips”.

How to form a relationship with your children.

In spite of the fact that DADA is one of the first words a baby learns (often inspired by MAMA, who wants to make Dad feel good), fathers often spend comparatively little time with their children when they’re small. Today more and more fathers are finding that they want to have a more meaningful influence on their children’s lives and many have developed special things to do.

  • Remember that physical contact with your child is important from infancy. Don’t be afraid.
  • Write down, periodically, your feelings about being apparent and about how you “see” your child. You’ll like looking back on your writings, and sow ill your child when he or she is old enough.
  • Give your time, rather than “things.” Write out a list of activities you and your child enjoy sharing and let him or her choose one when a reward is in order.

Remember to bring a memento home from each trip, if you travel, but be aware that it need not be an expensive present. The small soaps, cheap shower caps and shoe cleaning cloths from hotels are always appreciated, as are airline magazines

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