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Building Self-Esteem in the Family

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With permission from Vicki Lansky, author of “Practical Parenting Tips”

  • Let each child do something alone with just one parent occasionally.
  • Try to say least one positive, affirming thing to your child every day.
  • Try to provide an alternative pleasure for a younger child if an older one has something special planned. For example, if the older one is invited out to spend the night, a little one might be allowed to sleep in the sibling’s bed.
  • Let even very young children participate in family councils. Listen to them, and try to adopt their suggestions sometimes.
  • Expect your children to do as much as they can, as well as they can, and let them know you do. But let them know that it’s OK to make mistakes, too, and that mistakes – even Mom’s and Dad’s – show people ways to learn and improve.
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