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Being Part of the Clan

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With permission from  Vicki Lansky author of, “Practical Parenting Tips”

Even when family members live nearby, children sometimes get confused about the relationships. Your efforts to give your child a sense of being a part of a clan will help give him or her a feeling of importance and a clearer self-image.

Understanding Relationships

Who’s who? Many families make it a point to discuss family relationships often
“Grandma is my mommy; Uncle Roger is Daddy’s brother.” And it’s both instructive and fun to reminisce about family history and to talk about events currently going on.

  • Put together a family of dolls or paper dolls to help your child understand relationships.
  • Draw a family tree on shelf paper or paint one on a wall in your child’s room and paste on photos of relatives.
  • Devise different names for children to call two sets of grandparents in order to help distinguish them – Grandma and Grandpa for one set, for example, and Grammie and Grampie for the other. Or add surnames. Some parents have the grandparents choose their own names.
  • Use pictures to help acquaint children with relatives. Put together an album and look at it together often; give children photo cubes of their own. Or post pictures on the refrigerator or bulletin board.
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