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Peace in the Car

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With Permission from Vicki Lansky author of “Practical Parenting Tips”.

Parents who travel a lot are used to children’s initial excitement and restlessness in the car. The kids usually settle in after an hour or so, once territories and rules have been set.

  • Travel at night, or get a very early start, so that the children will sleep in the care, but don’t encourage so much sleep that you’ll have well-rested, active kids at night when you’re ready to rest.
  • Put a small suitcase or box between two children in the back seat to clearly separate “sides.”
  • Place a firm-sided diaper bag filled with small toys and books between two toddlers in car seats. It can be reached easily by the children and hold enough to keep them busy for quite a distance. Stash some of the children’s favorite toys and books in the bag well in advance of a trip so they will have more appeal.
  • Make seating arrangements changeable. One adult in the back seat for all or half of a trip usually makes for pleasant riding.
  • Stop often to run and play with the kids. You all need the break. Consider carrying a jump rope or a big, inflatable rubber ball for exercise and fun.
  • Give the kids a five-minute warning before you stop so that they can put on  shoes and sweaters or coats.
  • Plan- and announce – a treat for the end of the day, so everyone will have something to look forward to: a swim in a motel pool, dinner at a restaurant, a pop stop.
  • Take along earplugs for the adults!
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