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Love Maple Syrup Season

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Maple Syrup Lollipops

Sugaring season has come and gone but about a month ago we made our usual pilgrimage to our good friends annual Sugar Festival.  It’s always a fun day spent out of doors, by a fire, usually with an adult beverage in hand.  One of my favorite aspects of their sugaring festival is that the proprietor in chief, a.k.a. Big Fred, always makes something ‘new’ from the syrup for everyone to try.  One year it was Maple Syrup Candy, another Maple Sugar, and this year it was Maple Syrup Lollipops.

Maple Syrup Lollipops

They were so good, not just the kids, but the adults were hoarding them too.

Maple Syrup Lollipops



  • 1 cup Maple Syrup
  • 1 cup Corn Syrup
  • 1 cup White Sugar


Maple Syrup Lollipops
Spray your lollipop molds with a cooking spray (make sure the molds can withstand high temps) and insert a lollipop stick.
Maple Syrup Lollipops
Combine the three sugars in a heavy duty saucepan. Heat to the hard crack stage (300°F) and I would advise using a candy thermometer.
Remove from heat once you hit 300°F and very, very carefully pour into the prepared candy molds (remember that you are working with molten sugar - if you are not careful it will be the worst burn of your life). And a tip from big Fred: he gently reheats the pan if the candy/sugar starts to thicken up midway through.
Maple Syrup Lollipops
The lollipops will cool quite quickly. Pop them out and wrap them in a bit of plastic wrap or in cute little bags.
 Also, I’ve always wanted to try and make lollipops and it took Big Fred to show me just how easy it is…  Thanks Fred!
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