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Babies & Crib Time

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Babies & Crib Time


Babies need a change of position and constant changes in the amount of light so do not be afraid to leave lights on and sounds in the area where the baby is sleeping or resting.  Change your baby’s body position several times each day until you can determine the preferences they have for resting and sleeping. 

Babies even respond to changes in light because the changes in position give them different sensations and feelings!  Don’t be afraid to leave lights on some times and lights off sometimes!  It may sound funny but infants tell us what they need by the way they change position and change light and position and infants love to be touched  and handled in all kinds of temperature.  This is called “skin hunger” (yes, babies need touch every bit as much as they need to be fed milk.

Babies give many cues by crying out for touch and being picked up during the day and night.  Infants feel differences and like it if more than one person holds and cuddles their bodies.   Infants and toddlers respond to adult talk and bouncing gently and laughing so they actually react to who’s in charge and who is not in charge!  They like to contribute sounds during the day and during the night!  When parents rock and play with their infants they are teaching the infant and child to play and sleep in different parts of the day or night and react to different “schedules.”

The best thing you can do is to encourage a happy baby and extend wake periods and avoid force feeding, but also sing and attract attention with the infant awake for at least a few minutes of feeding time. A change in position is such a nice way for parents to encourage babies to cuddle and change their position;  change nursing positions at least every 5 to 6 minutes, so baby can arouse him or herself and get started again. You can stimulate sucking and rooting refluxes by tapping her cheek, chin, forehead.

Talking and singing to babies is essential play when the infant is being changed in a warm place, changing positions are ways you can watch and observe preferences and what each baby likes.           Don’t expect too much from your baby….. Babies are human and unique regulators and self-developing humans …… just like moms and dads, so it takes 2-1/2 - 3 ½ months of growth for organs, brain cells and other systems like weight of the developing infant to really start to devlope. By 3 months, the brain size has doubled and all internal systems to grow strong and organized… Lungs, heart, muscles, nerve fibers and many other body parts take turns in their development and get tuned up and ready to conform to the outside world’s demands.

Encourage your baby to watch your face.  Put bright objects like a mobile or a baby mirror on the side of the crib.  Turn music on while diapering and sing for a little while. Leave music on while babies are napping. Stay with your baby for a few minutes, then decrease each time with baby until she can be placed in there without any issues. Try making it a place of wonder in her room that way she can stare all around and eventually fall asleep on her own.

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