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Teaching Kindness

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Teaching Kindness


Here a few obvious facts about U.S. families, jobs, money and time!  The economy is not recovering as expected.... terrible news for modest career and low-income families, all families in need.  Do we really expect families to carry on, take the pain of foreclosure, tiny budgets, sickness, emotional depression and illness?

            How do most families suffer or acclimate through this time of skimpy resources?  They are playing a life struggle waiting game that deserves our support, kindness and help----all of them need “things” like food and funds, clothes and heat.  Let’s use this time to teach our kids kindness! 

            This time is an opportunity to teach a lesson in life if we reach out and offer families help so they need not feel inadequate and self-loathing.  Be a good example to your kids with kindness, thoughtfulness and give them ways to help others! Teach toddlers as well as teens to be kind and generous!   The mere verbalizing of showing kindness leads to a passionate willingness to give whatever is needed. Kids will react that way from watching parents! 

            Volunteer with your kids and teens through a church (you don’t have to go to a church to give to a church!)  food or clothes and if you hear about anyone who is on the streets and not being helped by an agency, a family, or neighborhood friends, take offerings, without delay. Pare down clothes and games and extras kids do not need or want, give items away with kindness and show the pleasure that comes from giving rather than getting.... get going!  

            There is no time better spent by a family than just playing a game or watching a movie together.  Play is good!  Visiting a down-and-out friend or a nursing facility is good.  It is also time to appreciate the place where you live if you are lucky enough to have one!              Get going!  Round up clothes and games, go to Good Will, shelters, Red Cross donation centers, volunteer with your kids at the food bank for half a day, take the bus, not the car, talk to each other and feel good about setting a great example! 

            Times will change; will your children change attitudes and behavior?   What will they remember of these days fof economic struggle for so many?   Will your children be more tolerant and less aggressive?  Will they be kinder and gentler teens and adults? Will they give support to family’s living in the streets, sleeping in cars with their children at their feet?  Will you join others in teaching kindness?  Thanks

Dr. Susan Turben

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