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Keeping Children Active

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                                Keeping Children Active


iPads, Videos, Electronics . . .Do you ever wonder if your children are getting enough exercise?  In generations past we didn’t need to ask ourselves that question.  Kids played outside, did chores and probably walked to and from school.  Today’s children spend hours in front of the tv or electronic devices and they are driven everywhere.  So what can today's parent do to keep those little ones moving?

  • A recent study shows a positive correlation between high physical activity and increased bone density.  Children ages 7-9 had increased bone density without increased bone fractures.
  • ABC has reported on a program at Naperville High School west of Chicago that has integrated physical exercise with traditional instruction and it has had outstanding results.  After exercising on the treadmill students have increased their problem solving skills by 10% and doubled their reading scores.  Math scores were up by a factor of 20. 
  • Exercise creates a stronger immune system.  Children fight off common illnesses such as colds, the flu and allergies more easily.
  • Active children have improved memory and better brain function.
  • Studies show a decrease in anxiety and depression and an improvement in mood and general outlook with better quality of sleep.


Make sure the exercise and activities are age appropriate.  There are many social benefits to being in organized sports but it is only one small way for children to get exercise.  The best place for your children to get their exercise is around the home or in your neighborhood.  It is close and free. 


                                  Fall activities to get the whole family moving.


• Raking leaves to make a “leaf maze” or just a giant pile of leaves to jump in.          


• Choose a pumpkin patch to walk around and pick your pumpkins instead of buying them at the store. 



Have a spontaneous backyard game of flag football or soccer. You’ll be a huge hit with your children for putting your everyday tasks aside for some fun time.



• Take the kids to pick apples and then go home and have them help bake an apple

dessert or healthy apple snack. Apple Crisp is always a fall favorite or Smiling Apple

Mouths are a huge hit with kids and fun for them to make. Take two apple slices (skins on),

spread peanut butter on one side of each slice, line up four to five mini marshmallows

and put the remaining slice on top, peanut butter side down. It makes the perfect smiling

mouth. Kids love to help in the kitchen!


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