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Spiritual Needs During the Holidays

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    What do you do to make life easier for the many families you see every day who are in poverty or close to it?

Doing Spiritual/school based or hospice is the answer………… at this time of the year, and if you do make sure your kids are involved… give as much as you get by becoming a Big Brothers Big sisters partner.

The longer you do this work the better …….the community flourishes ….the job opps for older kids increases

Help a family now. …call Big Brothers and Big sisters

The holidays are a time of forgiveness and giving. This is a time when families get together and participate in neighborhood activities that help other people.

Show your children at holiday time that material things mean nothing when others have so little.  We do not want to be seekers of materialistic things. 

How do we do this?  We pack up goods and unwanted children’s toys and give them to charity.  Take your children to the food pantry and hand out food to those less fortunate.     Take an angel from the Christmas tree at a local church or store and buy clothes for that family or something they need. 

Call any church and ask how you can help.  Donate your time to someone you know who may be struggling to get sitters while working….  Offer to watch kids for an afternoon.    Take cookies to elderly persons.

Let your children feel the feelings of sadness and loneliness that some live with every day.  Be an inspiration to your family, volunteer at school, at church through the city for the Salvation Army.  The opportunities are endless.  Get started today.  Make a pact with your children that you spend less on them and more on those who need it.  You’ll be glad you did.

As a home based teacher, I am on the road!  I know first hand what a great feeling I have when I give to someone in need.  Sometimes it’s just a helping hand and sometimes it’s driving someone to the doctor, but whatever the need, looking into the eyes of  someone’s face when  worries are gone, if even for a moment, are priceless.  Share the love this season with someone else and watch your heart swell with pride.  Get busy now. …

One last idea!  Give money or a lay-away gift to the men and women who work behind the counters of stores and shops, especially pharmacies in  your neighborhoods………..

Ask Dr. Susan